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Reduce Child's Allergy Risk: Cleaning Off the Pacifier by Sucking On It

Cleaning off your child’s pacifier by sucking on it may be reducing your child's risk of developing allergies, new research suggests. This appears to be a side effect of your oral bacteria affecting your child’s gut bacteria.

Study: Chiropractic is Safe

Chiropractic care has successfully relieved patients of spinal pain for over a hundred years, and a new study shows that chiropractic is not only effective, it’s safe.

Earlier research has examined the safety of chiropractic, but no studies had used sham or placebo interventions to assess the relative safety of chiropractic.

Study: Significant Relief from Frozen Shoulder with Chiropractic

A new case study suggests chiropractic can provide significant relief of frozen shoulder syndrome (FSS), a painful condition causing night pain and restricted shoulder range of motion.  


After 1-2 months of chiropractic care, 98% of patients had significantly improved range of motion, and 32% of patients had completely regained normal shoulder abduction.   Patients also experienced substantial improvements in pain.

Migraines: What Causes Them, How to Address Them

Migraine headaches are one of the most common health conditions in the world—more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.  They're also one of the top 20 causes of disability among adults.


More than 37 million Americans suffer from migraines; nearly five million of them experiencing at least one migraine attack per month.  In all, an estimated 13 percent of the world’s population suffer with migraines to a greater or lesser degree.

Multiple Studies: Smoking Tied to Carpal Tunnel? 

Could smoking increase your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome?  Earlier studies have linked cigarette smoking with musculoskeletal problems like back pain and rheumatoid arthritis.


Studies on the association between CTS and smoking have produced inconsistent results until researchers from the Finland sought to clarify that link by analyzing 13 studies that tested whether smoking elevated the risk carpal tunnel syndrome.

8 Fitness-Boosting Foods and Nutrients 

Diet is an important part of your fitness routine, and overall wellness. The foods you eat can optimize your efforts of health or serve to sabotage them.  Check the eight suggestions, such as avocados and coconut oil, that can boost your workout.

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