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Nutrition and Diet

Non-synthetic whole foods vitamins and supplements are an important tool in maintaining optimal health.  Drs. Fred and Jill have spent much of their post graduate education studying diet and nutrition.  They recommend Standard Process products.

Most vitamins for sale at the drug store or health food store are synthetic (fractionated pieces of the true vitamin complex).  Standard Process products contain the entire vitamin, including naturally occurring enzymes, phytonutrients, amino acids, fatty acids and trace minerals.  This type of nutrition provides all the puzzle pieces, even those fractions that have not yet been identified by modern science.  It is a drastically different concept in supplementation.  Individuals relying on mega-dose supplementation will be startled by the difference in potency.  Whole foods concentrates have been found to have higher physiologic activity compared to synthetic or fractionated vitamins.

Our patients are encouraged to ask us for a complimentary Symptom Survey to help us determine their individual nutritional needs.

Many Americans eat nutrient deficient diets. The level of nutrition in our society has dipped dramatically in recent years, compared with the diet of our ancestors.​


Prior to the processing of our food supply, diets were balanced. Our ancestors ate healthful, restorative foods like raw fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, seeds and nuts, raw dairy, free range eggs and oils like virgin olive oil, cod liver oil and flax seed oil. These far outweighed the small amounts of inflammation producing foods like wheat, grains, processed oils, fried foods, alcohol and sugar.​


Our doctors feel that dietary habits and exercise are imperative to good health. Did you know that what you eat can create inflammation (and pain)? We would be happy to provide anti-inflammatory diet guidelines to our patients.


We take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to our patients.  We believe that chiropractic care is an essential tool to maintain good health for children and adults.

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