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Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?

Meet Larry & Carla

I am extremely grateful for Trull Chiropractic.  Ever since Dr. Trull diagnosed me with fibromyalgia over 10 years, chiropractic and massage therapy have kept me on my feet.  If ever Dr. Jill detects a problem in my body that is beyond her scope, she directs me to the proper care.  She has consistently given me the care that only a knowledgeable chiropractor can give, and she graciously equips me with self-help methods-- all of which keep me going day by day.  I also appreciate the Standard Process products that help me in several areas.

-- Carla                                                 Patient since 1994


My wife had received help with some of her health issues, and I saw how much it helped her.  I've had headaches with dizziness/vertigo.  Regular adjustments with Dr. Fred have helped to avert headaches and I appreciate having care which doesn't require medication. 

-- Larry                                                 Patient since 2009


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