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Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?

Dr. Fred & Dr. Jill have been in practice since 1983 after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  

Meet Dr. Fred

My first chiropractic experience:

I've been a chiropractic patient since birth. My dad was a chiropractor. We were adjusted on a regular basis (preventative care), practiced good hygiene habits, and took vitamins-- I remember them being huge, about the size of a tootsie roll. Thank God, Standard Process supplements are much smaller.


The earliest memory I have of chiropractic involved my dad, the chiropractor, and an ambulance. I suspect I was 5 or 6 years old. I was at my dad's office when a rescue squad ambulance pulled up. They rolled a stretcher into the office with a large man on it. He was lying on a stretcher in a contorted position. I waited in the reception room while my dad worked on this man. In what seemed like 20 minutes, the man walked out of the office with the ambulance attendees. They were pushing the stretcher.


This made a huge impression on me. Of course, my dad became the hero and I wanted to be just like my dad. The journey started that day.

-- Dr. Fred                                                                   Patient since 1959

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