Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?

Meet Jessica

Jessica, Dr. Fred & Dr. Jill's oldest daughter, has worked in many roles at the office but is now serving patients as the office manager.  

I am a chiropractic kid, so as you would expect, I have been adjusted all of my life.  I don't remember my first adjustment, but I wouldn't, I was only a few minutes old.  Since day one (literally), I have been under regular chiropractic care.  You are probably thinking how easy that is because I have chiropractors as parents, which is true.  However, even when I lived out of town, I found a chiropractor and went on a regular basis.


Growing up, I didn't get sick.  I never had colic as a baby or an ear infection as a toddler.  I never had strep or the flu.  I did have an occasional cold or stomach bug.  I got the measles and a good case of the chicken pox.  None of these required medical intervention or drugs.  I was brought up to believe that an adjustment would help the body to heal itself.  I was adjusted regularly and I got better quickly.  I had exertional asthma when I was younger but it too was better with adjustments.  As an adult, I am extremely healthy and rarely even have a cold.  I am a chiropractic patient because, simply, it works.  It keeps me healthy.


I recommend chiropractic for everyone because I see it help patients in our office on a daily basis. Sometimes it is something as simple as watching someone get out of a chair unassisted and without pain.  Sometimes it is something truly amazing like watching a patient regain their health and ability to walk after suffering for months or years.  When I was eight years old, I helped Dad out on Sunday evenings with emergency visits.  I had to have patients print their names under where they signed in, because I didn't know how to read cursive writing yet.  But even then I knew enough to realize the value of chiropractic because I consistently saw amazing result and the compassionate way my parents treated each and every patient that walked in the door.


-- Jessica                                    Patient since 1984