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Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?

Meet Linda & Robert

5 generations under care at Trull Chiropractic


Actually, Pop & Mother (Sully & Evie Lawing) were the 1st 'Dr.Trull' patients back in the Early 1960s.  My 1st husband, Don Anspach got taken there in 1966 when he stepped out of a truck & couldn't get up.  Pop carried him in to Dr. Darrell & Don walked out ... I was sold!


I was the next patient in the 1970's along with Janet when the PE teacher made her jump over a barrier in 2nd grade. She fell & her coccyx had to be straightened back out.  Dr. Darrell was one mad Dr.!  


Donna was next when she got hit in the head by an opening auditorium door in 1979.  Keith was the last of my children to become a patient in the 1990's.  Then came my present husband of 30 yrs this May 4th, Robert W. Karriker.  That is 3 generations.  


Next are my grandchildren-- Jared & David Lackey (Donna's), Joshua & Jacob Self (Janet's) and Amanda Anspach Hatley & her husband, Joshua.  Now the Hatleys are bringing the 5th generation of our family to 'visit Dr. Jill'... Julie Ana (18mo.) & June Addison (4mo.).  


We are very proud of the association with Trull Chiropractic-- Julie just squealed when she saw that she was at 'Dr. Jill's' this past Monday; she practiced her 'running' to go into the lobby!


Thanks for the many yrs. of 'blessed relief', Jill.

Mrs. Linda G. Karriker



PS... Pop,Sully Lawing ArmyVet. of WW2.  Don Anspach vet. of one 3yr.hitch in 82nd.Abn.  Bryan Keith Anspach 10yr. vet. of US Navy Crypto.,Sub Service & NSA.  Joshua D. Hatley Vet. of 10yr. in USAirForce.  Robert W. Karriker Ret.20 Yr. Vet. Korea & Vietnam US Air Force ... All proud to Serve our Nation!


Robert & Linda

Julie & June

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