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Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?


Meet Robin

I had my first chiropractic adjustment in 1979.  I had a lot of neck and arm pain.  I would come home from work and have to lay down because my neck hurt so much.  Sometimes my arm would hurt so much at night I couldn't sleep.  


My aunt recommended I see Dr. Darrell Trull.  At that time I didn't even know what a chiropractor was.  After getting regular adjustments my neck was so much better and I hardly ever get arm pain anymore.  I have been getting regular adjustments ever since!


-- Robin                                         Patient since 1979


Robin is our most experienced certified chiropractic assistant and certified radiology technician.  She has been with our office since 1984.

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