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Take a look at what our patients have to say.  After all, wouldn't you rather hear it from your friends, family and neighbors?

Meet Scotty, Anita, & Luke

My neck just hurt all the time and I had headaches. I also had pinched nerve in my back that was making it hard to walk. Doctors were giving pain medication for my back and when I would stand up, I would black out and was not getting better. I came and got one adjustment and walked out pain free. I feel good and can do everything I couldn't before. I try to come monthly now. 

-- Scotty                      Patient since 1991



My first adjustment came as a result of asking for a muscle relaxer, due to terrible menstrual cramps.  Dr. Fred asked me if I'd ever had an adjustment and I hadn't.  I was a little nervous but hurting bad enough that I was willing to try most anything.  :)


From then on, I got a "monthly" adjustment, as long as I worked there. Later, I would get regular adjustments for headaches. Trull Chiropractic is my first step in any health situation. Sometimes an adjustment and therapy are needed, other times it's a supplement, exercise, or just common sense advice. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the many benefits of Chiropractic beyond caring for "backs".

-- Anita                        Patient since 1983



I had sharp pain that made it difficult to perform at optimal performance with my wrestling and training. My family and I have always come here and we don't like synthetic medicine. With chiropractic, I'm at 100% and never felt better. I have increased my flexibility greatly now too. I come back for repeat visits every few months.

-- Luke                        Patient since 2002

While Anita was still in high school, she came to work for Dr. Fred in his previous Locust office.  Anita is one of our best chiropractic advocates, referring literally dozens of family and friends to our office.

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